We are a family who loves the horse life. 


We haven't always been that way though.  Adam and Melissa did NOT grow up with horses, unfortunately.  After a long wait through college and post graduate work, dreaming of the day we would have the land and money for horses, we bought our first horse just a few years ago and since then our herd has grown to EIGHT horses (not including the ones we board at our farms) and our love for these amazing animals has grown even more than eightfold.  

We have six kids who help us run the ranch.  We all work hard to care for our home, our barns, and our animals. We believe that the work ethic it takes to run the ranch is what makes us who we are.  Our kids even like the smell of manure!  There are a lot of muck boots, hay bales, brushes and hoof picks, hoses, and grain scoops around here.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

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